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Here lies our Podcast with The Pink Smoke on Shin’ya Tsukamoto…

for this occasion (and having a single location for all these bits and pieces), I have compiled an exhaustive amount of trailers and clips for anybody that is interested in checking out his work. I have also included the Wikipedia page showing his filmography. Many of his professional releases have a synopsis and history at the links below – thank you and here is ye podcast – bjk



This is the very first ‘Diner with Lynch’ Podcast that is not specifically about Lynch.

This first episode is about Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s work. The director and actor most famous for the one-of-a-kind film ‘Tetsuo: The Iron Man’ (1989).

We manage to spend very little time on ‘Tetsuo’ and insted we focus on a variety of his work, including a discussion on ‘A Snake of June’ Kotoko’ ‘Bullet Ballet’ and ‘Fires on the plain.’

We are joined by the movie geniuses John b. Cribbs and Christopher Funderburg the caretakers and supliers of goodnees for what might possibly be the best frickin’ movie site on the ol’ interwebs:  

So chill out and dig in. Don’t forget, as always, you will find quick and easy wiki-links, Trailers and Documentary support for the podcast on The Blackark magazine webite.



(filmography from wikipedia)

Year English title Japanese title Romaji Notes
1974 Genshi-san 原始さん Genshi-san Early Super-8 short (10 min).
1975 Story of a Giant Cockroach 巨大ゴキブリ物語 Kyodai Gokiburi Monogatari Super-8 (50 min).
1975 Wings Tsubasa Super-8 (25 min).
1976 Cloudy 曇天 Donten B&W Super-8 (60 min).
1977 It flew in hell 地獄町小便小僧にて飛んだよ Jigoku Machi Shouben Kozou ni te Tobenda yo Super-8 (120 min).
1978 New Wings 新・翼 Shin: Tsubasa Super-8 (40 min).
1979 Flying Lotus Flower 蓮の花飛べ Hasu no Hana Tobe Super-8 (90 min).
1986 The Phantom of Regular Size 普通サイズの怪人 Futsu Saizu no Kaijin Super-8 (18 min).
1987 The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy 電柱小僧の冒険 Denchu Kozou no Boken Super-8 (47 min).
1989 Tetsuo: The Iron Man 鉄男 TETSUO Tetsuo 16mm B&W[8] (67 min)
1991 Hiruko The Goblin ヒルコ 妖怪ハンター Hiruko Youkai Hanta 35mm[3] (89 min)
1992 Tetsuo II: Body Hammer 鉄男 II BODY HAMMER Tetsuo II: Body Hammer 35mm[3] (83 min)
1995 Tokyo Fist TOKYO FIST Tokyo Fist 16mm[9] (87 min)
1998 Bullet Ballet BULLET BALLET バレット・バレエ Bullet Ballet 16mm B&W[10] (87 min)
1999 Gemini 双生児-GEMINI- Sōseiji 35mm (83 min)
2002 A Snake of June 六月の蛇 Rokugatsu no Hebi 16mm (77 min)
2004 Vital ヴィタール Vital 35mm[11] (86 min)
2005 Haze HAZE Haze DV (49 min)
2005 Female female フィーメイル Fīmeiru Segment: Tamamushi.
2006 Nightmare Detective 悪夢探偵 Akumu Tantei
2008 Nightmare Detective 2 悪夢探偵2 Akumu Tantei 2
2010 Tetsuo: The Bullet Man 鉄男 THE BULLET MAN Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
2011 Kotoko KOTOKO
2014 Fires on the Plain 野火


Filmography as actor (other directors) 

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