The Deep and Wide Sounds of David Lynch: Almost Every Lynch soundtrack cataloged with video links.

Please note, the information compiled here is from various wiki’s and in no way should give anybody the appearance that I actually did anything other than cutting and pasting. MY contribution here, if any, is putting all of this information in one location. Below is a list of most, but not all David Lynch soundtracks. I have also added YouTube links for each of the soundtracks. These are lower quality versions and as usual, I recommend listening to the higher quality version as well as listening to and watching the film, in the highest quality original director approved format. Lsten and learn here, but buy the actual material for a much deeper experience.

Just a couple examples of done of the beautiful vinyl out there:

In this particular column I will not be including the latest Twin Peaks (The Return) music. This 18 part series will require its own column and will focus and ‘David Lynch as Curator and Concierge’ of ‘freaky chill’ music. Mr. Lynch has a tendency to like his music slow and tastefully bizarre. His focus on new and/or potentially undiscovered bands is both admirable and interesting, and pursued unlike any other artist besides, possibly, Andy Warhol (albeit, his love was mostly related to his love for enterprise).


Lynch has an ear for the good stuff. Case and point is his love for the ‘Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil/Elizabeth Fraser’ version of ‘Song to The Siren’ the 1983 cover of Tim Buckley’s 1967 song. When I was a young chap, I was heavily into The Cocteau Twins and was a big fan of This Mortal Coil’s first album that was a combination a dark(er) soundscapes and covers of songs by the likes of sort-of-underground hipster folk and folk-rock songs by bands like Big Star and folks like Tim Buckley.

It is a beautiful and engaging album and is one of my most listened to of the 80’s. On that first Album was Fraser’s gorgeous, surreal and (over used word but accurate here) haunting rendition of the Tim Buckley tune.

I loved the song immediately and proudly proclaimed it to be my favorite song, and to this da it remains. When I first heard the song I was already wearing down cassette tapes of the Cocteau Twins.

Most interestingly (and sadly, which I will write about in another column that focuses just on the song) I discovered, only about ten years ago, that I shared my freshman and Junior year of high school with Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley’s talented son (most famous for his heart wrecking version of Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Halleluia’). We both went to the same school in Anaheim California and we also shared a birth year.

Image result for jeff buckley elizabeth fraser

I never met the kid, or even remember if I did or not. It was a musical school with most kids being into punk and at the time I was probably one of a handful of kids at my high school listening to the Cocteau twins. The connection here is, that later Jeff would become good friends with Elizabeth Fraser who would go on to cover his father’s song.

Image result for jeff buckley elizabeth fraser

Jeff hardly new his father and knowing Elizabeth Fraser’s empathic ways, I think that she may have been channeling some of that longing she felt through her friend Jeff while singing his fathers song. There truly is no other explanation on why this song is so incredibly deep. It’s a beautiful song, but what Fraser does to it, borderlines on satanic.


I not t only had that weird, albeit, distant connection to Fraser (my love for her work) and Jeff Buckley (my unknowing acquaintance); I also had a strange connection to David Lynch.

My connection to Lynch was in no way circumstantial. I just connect with Lynch’s work and seem to get what he is doing, and more-so than any other director, I feel as though I know his work. This knowing is not something I like or appreciate, it just is. Whenever I see a Lynch film, I am drawn-in and understand pretty quickly what he is trying to get across. This doesn’t mean I ‘Understand’ his work, or find a logic in it, I just get it. I could go on about this peculiar phenomenon, but I need to move on and will actually expound on this nonsense later, on my podcast and in other columns.

I happened to find out later that David Lynch’s favorite song is also ‘ Song to the Siren’ , the version sung by Elizabeth Fraser. Lynch tried to use the song in Blue Velvet but couldn’t afford the song until later when he used the song (probably to a lesser effect in ‘Lost Highway’). Looking back at the positively bizarre connection I had with Blue Velvet, I am almost glad Lynch did not include my favorite song, for if he did, he would have hurled upon me a level of mind blowing that I am certain, would have been unhealthy.

I personally do not enjoy listening to every bit of music that has accompanied a David Lynch movie, so I will only be presenting here what I actually think is good listenable music that can be enjoyed either with the film or separately on its own.

The best movie music, in my opinion, works well with the film, yet on its own does not necessarily, heavy-handedley, drive evocations of the film itself. I like, film music, that on its own listens well. If the films the music accompanied had not existed at all, the music would still be worthwhile. For example, I did not get into the original Twin Peaks television run (I have since grown to appreciate it) yet one of my most listened to albums from the period was the Twin Peaks soundtrack from Angelo Badalamenti, featuring Julee Cruise. Certain Soundtracks are so tied to their films that you immediately conjure up the film itself when you here the music; think Psycho, Jaws, The Exorcist and Star Wars. A good example of what I think Lynch’s soundtracks often pull-off is similar to what was done with Taxi Driver and Bernard Herrmann’s score. It’s perfect for the film, but also sounds great on its own and you can get lost in the music without the weirdness of imagining Travis Bickle everytime you listen to it.

I hope you dig this landing page. I listen to these soundtracks often, so I thought it would make since to gather them up in one place for easy listening (and in some cases easy-listening, easy listening?)

I hope you dig it.



Soundtracks and Scores from David Lynch Films in chronological order. Also, at the top and bottom of this post, you will find a player for the soundtracks I am linking to (again, listen and learn here, but buy the actual material for a much deeper experience.)

(Information pulled from a good source for buying the vinyl as well)

David Lynch & Alan R. Splet ‎– Eraserhead Original Soundtrack

I.R.S. Records ‎– SP70027
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Digah’s Stomp

Written-By – Thomas “Fats” Waller*

A2 Lenox Avenue Blues

Written-By – Thomas “Fats” Waller*

A3 Stompin’ The Bug

Written-By – Mercedes GilbertPhil Worde

A4 Messin’ Around With The Blues

Written-By – Thomas “Fats” Waller*

B In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)

Written-By – David LynchPeter Ivers


Angelo Badalamenti ‎– Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


A1 Main Title 1:27
A2 Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey 3:42
A3 Franck 3:34
A4 Jeffrey’s Dark Side 1:48
A5 Mysteries Of Love (French Horn Solo)

Composed By – Angelo BadalamentiDavid Lynch

A6 Frank Returns 4:39
A7 Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental)

Composed By – Angelo BadalamentiDavid Lynch

B1a Blue Velvet

Composed By – Bernie WayneLee Morris (3)Vocals [Uncredited] – Isabella Rossellini

B1b Blue Star

Composed By – Angelo BadalamentiDavid Lynch

B2a Lumberton U.S.A.

Composed By – Angelo BadalamentiDavid Lynch

B2b Going Down To Lincoln 1:43
B3 Akron Meets The Blues 2:40
B4 Honky Tonk Part I

Composed By – Bill DoggettBilly Butler (3)Clifford ScottHenry GloverShep Sheppard*Performer – Bill Doggett

B5 In Dreams

Composed By – Roy OrbisonPerformer – Roy Orbison

B6 Love Letters

Composed By – Edward HeymanVictor YoungPerformer – Ketty Lester

B7 Mysteries Of Love

Composed By – Angelo BadalamentiDavid LynchVocals – Julee Cruise




Angelo Badalamenti ‎– Music From Twin Peaks


A1 Twin Peaks Theme 4:45
A2 Laura Palmer’s Theme 5:08
A3 Audrey’s Dance 5:15
A4 The Nightingale

Vocals – Julee Cruise

A5 Freshly Squeezed 3:48
A6 The Bookhouse Boys 3:24
B1 Into The Night

Vocals – Julee Cruise

B2 Night Life In Twin Peaks 3:23
B3 Dance Of The Dream Man 3:39
B4 Love Theme From Twin Peaks 4:34
B5 Falling

Vocals – Julee Cruise



Various ‎– David Lynch’s Wild At Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


A1 Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Im Abendrot (Excerpt)

Composed By – Richard StraussConductor – Kurt Masur

A2 Powermad Slaughterhouse

Producer – Tim BombaWritten-By – Adrian LibertyJeffrey LitkeJoel DuBay

A3 Angelo Badalamenti Cool Cat Walk

Orchestrated By – Angelo Badalamenti

A4 Nicolas Cage Love Me

Written-By – Jerry LeiberMike Stoller

A5 Them (3) Baby Please Don’t Go

Written-By – Joe Williams*

A6 Koko Taylor Up In Flames

Lyrics By – David LynchMusic By – Angelo Badalamenti

A7 Chris Isaak Wicked Game

Producer – Erik JacobsenWritten-By – Chris Isaak

B1 Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Be-Bop A Lula

Written-By – Gene VincentSheriff Tex Davies*

B2 Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra Smoke Rings

Written-By – H. E. Gifford*, Ned Washington

B3 Rubber City Perdita

Producer, Written-By – David SlusserWritten-By – David Lynch

B4 Chris Isaak Blue Spanish Sky

Producer – Erik JacobsenWritten-By – Chris Isaak

B5 Angelo Badalamenti Dark Spanish Symphony (Edited String Version)

Orchestrated By – Angelo Badalamenti

B6 Angelo Badalamenti Dark Spanish Symphony (50’s Version)

Orchestrated By – Angelo Badalamenti

B7 Angelo Badalamenti Dark Lolita

Orchestrated By – Angelo Badalamenti

B8 Nicolas Cage Love Me Tender

Written-By – Elvis PresleyVera Matson


Various ‎– Lost Highway


A1 David Bowie I’m Deranged (Edit)

Featuring – Brian Eno

A2 Trent Reznor Videodrones : Questions

Featuring – Peter Christopherson

A3 Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug
A4 Angelo Badalamenti Red Bats With Teeth
A5 Angelo Badalamenti Haunting & Heartbreaking
A6 The Smashing Pumpkins Eye
B1 Angelo Badalamenti Dub Driving

Featuring – David Lynch

B2 Barry Adamson Mr. Eddy’s Theme 1
B3 Lou Reed This Magic Moment
B4 Barry Adamson Mr. Eddy’s Theme 2
B5 Angelo Badalamenti Fred & Renee Make Love
B6 Marilyn Manson Apple Of Sodom
C1 Antonio Carlos Jobim Insensatez
C2 Barry Adamson Something Wicked This Way Comes (Edit)
C3 Marilyn Manson I Put A Spell On You
C4 Angelo Badalamenti Fats Revisited
C5 Angelo Badalamenti Fred’s World
C6 Rammstein Rammstein (Edit)
D1 Barry Adamson Hollywood Sunset
D2 Rammstein Heirate Mich (Edit)
D3 Angelo Badalamenti Police
D4 Trent Reznor Driver Down

Featuring – Peter Christopherson

D5 David Bowie I’m Deranged (Reprise)

Featuring – Brian Eno


Various ‎– David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (Original Soundtrack)


1 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Jitterbug 1:27
2 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Mulholland Drive 4:16
3 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Rita Walks / Sunset Boulevard / Aunt Ruth 1:55
4 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Diner 4:16
5 Angelo Badalamenti Mr. Roque / Betty’s Theme 4:06
6 Milt Buckner The Beast

Written-By – Dave Cavanaugh*

7 Sonny Boy Williamson (2) Bring It On Home

Written-By – Willie Dixon

8 Linda Scott I’ve Told Every Little Star

Written-By – Oscar Hammerstein II And Jerome Kern*

9 Angelo Badalamenti And David Lynch Dwarfland / Love Theme 12:14
10 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Silencio 4:27
11 Rebekah Del Rio Llorando (Crying)

Translated By – Thania SanzWritten-By – Joe MelsonRoy Orbison

12 Bluebob Pretty 50s 3:02
13 Bluebob Go Get Some 7:08
14 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Diane And Camilla 4:48
15 Angelo Badalamenti Dinner Party Pool Music 1:26
16 Bluebob Mountains Falling 8:15
17 Angelo Badalamenti With The City Of Prague Philharmonic Mulholland Drive / Love Theme 5:4



Various ‎– David Lynch’s Inland Empire Soundtrack


1 David Lynch Ghost Of Love

Written-By, Performer – David Lynch

2 David Lynch Rabbits Theme

Composed By, Performer – David LynchRecorded By, Mixed By – David LynchJohn Neff (2)

3 Mantovani Colors Of My Life

Performer – The Mantovani Orchestra*

4 David Lynch Woods Variation

Composed By, Performer – David LynchRecorded By, Mixed By – David LynchJohn Neff (2)

5 Dave Brubeck Three To Get Ready

Performer – The Dave Brubeck QuartetWritten-By – Dave Brubeck

6 Boguslaw Schaeffer* Klavier Konzert

Written-By – Boguslaw Schaeffer*

7 Kroke The Secrets Of The Life Tree

Written-By – Jerzy Bawol*, Tomasz KukurbaTomasz Lato

8 Little Eva The Locomotion

Performer – Little EvaWritten-By – Gerry Goffin, Carole King*

9 David Lynch Call From The Past

Composed By, Written-By – David Lynch

10 Krzysztof Penderecki Als Jakob Erwachte

Composed By – Krzysztof PendereckiPerformer – National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra*

11a Witold Lutoslawski Novelette Conclusion (Excerpt)

Performer – Antoni WitNational Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra*Written-By – Witold Lutoslawski

11b Joey Altruda Lisa (Edit)

Composed By – Joseph Altruda*Engineer [Additional Engineering], Recorded By [Additional Recording] – John Neff (2)Mixed By – David LynchDean HurleyPerformer – Jay P.WorkJoseph Altruda*, William McNeil*

12 Beck Black Tambourine (Film Version)

Performer – BeckWritten-By – BeckEugene BlacknellDust Brothers*

13 David Lynch Mansion Theme

Composed By, Performer – David Lynch

14 David Lynch Walkin’ On The Sky

Written-By, Performer – David Lynch

15 David Lynch / Marek Zebrowski Polish Night Music No.1

Written-By, Performer – David LynchMarek Zebrowski

16 David Lynch / Chrysta Bell Polish Poem

Engineer [Additional Engineering], Recorded By [Additional Recording] – John Neff (2)Performer – Chrysta BellWritten-By – Chrysta BellDavid Lynch

17 Nina Simone Sinnerman (Edit)

Arranged By – Nina SimonePerformer – Nina SimoneWritten-By – Traditional





Angelo Badalamenti ‎– Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

TracklistHide Credits

A1 Theme From Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me
A2 The Pine Float
A3 Sycamore Trees

Vocals – Jimmy ScottWritten-By [Lyrics] – David LynchWritten-By [Music] – Angelo Badalamenti

B4 Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)
B5 A Real Indication

Vocals – Angelo BadalamentiWritten-By [Lyrics] – David LynchWritten-By [Music] – Angelo Badalamenti

C6 Questions In A World Of Blue

Vocals – Julee CruiseWritten-By [Lyrics] – David LynchWritten-By [Music] – Angelo Badalamenti

C7 The Pink Room
C8 The Black Dog Runs At Night

Vocals – Angelo Badalamenti

C9 Best Friends
D10 Moving Through Time
D11 Montage From Twin Peaks – Girl Talk / Birds In Hell / Laura Palmer’s Theme / Falling
D12 The Voice Of Love

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