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“FOR THE LOVE OF DOM” an Interview with ‘The Ritual’ Director David Bruckner episode 18 | 20

  Interview with David Bruckner the director of one of the best horror movies of the last year "The Ritual". We covered "The Ritual" on a 'folk-horror' podcast we did…
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pre-show clips and trailers for our Interview with ‘The Ritual’ Director David Bruckner

The first time I noticed David Bruckner's work was two years ago when I first saw the Anthology Film "SOUTHBOUND" I liked his segment so much I even left a…
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‘WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT LISTEN TO A PODCAST WHOSE EYEBROWS MEET’ “The Company of Wolves” and “The Ritual” with Special Guests “Freaky Fandoms” ep: 18|11

This weeks podcast is all about Folk Horror. We talked about two films: Neil Jordans 1984 film "The Company of Wolves" and the 2017 film from David Brukner "The Ritual"…
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