In preparation for my upcoming podcast on the 1969 Toshio Matsumoto subversive/transgressive/underground/counter-culture masterpiece ‘A Funeral Parade of Roses’, I have put together my usual collection of clips, trailers and wiki’s for your perusal.

Personally, this is one of my favorite films from the Japanese Experimental film scene from the 60’s and 70’s. The movie, as an entertainment or a story to be followed, is not much in the way of plot, dialogue, etc. However, the film captures a genuine energy that is often lacking in counter-culture films from that period. There is a level of joy and exuberance that is infectious that makes this film a very special piece of work.

Almost 50 years old now, the film has just received (in June 2017) a 4k restoration that is incredibly beautiful. I was lucky enough to catch the film at a local theater last summer, and seriously, it was one of my top cinema-going experiences ever. The print that I saw was one of the best looking black and white film I have yet seen on the big screen.

I will also be adding clips of Matsumoto’s other works to this blog post at the time of the podcast. Matsumoto’s filmography, including a list of all his feature and short films, is posted below the clips.

Finally, as usual, I take no credit for the film wiki or clips, everything has been gathered from what is readily available. please leave any questions or comments here and I will be sure to mention them during the podcast. The podcast will be recording on March 13th and will be posted a few days after that.


The original trailer with subs

The Trailer for the new 4K restoration released in June 2017

Notable Clips







Feature films[edit]

Year English title Japanese title Romaji Notes
1969 Funeral Parade of Roses 薔薇の葬列 Bara no Souretsu
1971 Demons (aka Pandemonium) 修羅 Shura The title Shura refers to Asuras.
1973 War at the Age of Sixteen 十六歳の戦争 Juuroku-sai no Sensou
1988 Dogura Magura ドグラ・マグラ Dogura Magura

Experimental and documentary short films[edit]

Year English title Japanese title Romaji Duration
1955 Bicycle 銀輪 Ginrin 10 min
1956 Senkan 潜凾 Senkan 20 min
1959 Haru wo Yobukora 春を呼ぶ子ら Haru wo Yobukora 20 min
1959 300 Ton Trailer 300トン・トレーラー 300 Ton Trailer 25 min
1959 US-Japan Security Treaty 安保条約 Anbojouyaku 18 min
1960 Long White Line of Record 白い長い線の記録 Shiroi Nagai Sen no Kiroku 13 min
1961 The Weavers of Nishijin 西陣 Nishijin 26 min
1963 The Song of Stone 石の詩 Ishi no Uta 25 min
1967 Mothers 母たち Haha-tachi 40 min
1968 For the Damaged Right Eye (aka For My Crushed Right Eye) つぶれかかった右眼のために Tsuburekakatta migime no tame ni 13 min
1969 Extasis エクスタシス Extasis[3] 10 min
1971 Metastasis メタスタシス 新陳代謝 Metastasis: Shinchintaisha 8 min
1972 Autonomy オートノミー 自律性 Autonomy: Jiritsusei 12 min
1972 Expansion エクスパンション 拡張 Expansion: Kakuchou 14 min
1973 Mona Lisa モナ・リザ Mona Lisa 3 min
1974 Fly フライ 飛ぶ Fly: Tobu 9 min
1974 Andy Warhol: Re-reproduction アンディ・ウォーホル:複々製 Andi Uohoru: Fukubukusei 23 min
1975 Everything Visible Is Empty 色即是空 Shiki soku zekuu 8 min
1975 Young Girl 青女 Aoonna 30 min
1975 Phantom ファントム 幻妄 Phantom 10 min
1975 Atman アートマン Atman 11 min
1976 Kite Tako 30 min
1977 Black Hole ブラックホール Black Hole 3 min
1978 Enigma エニグマ 謎 Enigma: Nazo 3 min
1979 White Hole ホワイトホール White Hole 7 min
1980 Ki or Breathing 気 Breathing Ki – Breathing 30 min
1981 Connection コネクション Connection 10 min
1982 Votive Picture 絵馬 Euma 30 min
1982 Relation リレーション 関係 Relation: Kankei 10 min
1982 Shift シフト 断層 Shift: Dansou 9 min
1983 Formation フォーメイション 形成 Formation: Keisei 9 min
1984 WAVE WAVE WAVE 7 min
1984 Delay Exposure ディレイ・エクスポージャー Delay Exposure 3 min
1985 EE Control EEコントロール EE Control 3 min
1985 Vibration バイブレーション Vibration 3 min
1985 Sway 揺らぎ スウェイ Yuragi: Sway 8 min
1987 Engram エングラム 記憶痕跡 Engram: Kioku konseki 15 min
1989 Trauma トラウマ Trauma 18 min
1990 Sign 気配 Kehai 20 min
1992 Disguise ディシミュレーション 偽装 Dishimyureshon: Gisou 20 min



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