Pre Show Clips and Trailers: “MOTEL HELL vs. BLOOD DINER”

On this next FOUR BRAINS ONE MOVIE podcast, we are joined fellow podcaster and lover of messed up movies and horror movies Nolan McBride from the DEAD RINGERS podcast. A podcast that explores different films that ‘with shared DNA but with distinct personalities.’ We like his show because they like fucked up movies, just like we do! We have even covered some of the same films… THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, RESOLUTION, RAW and A DARK SONG for example.

On this special show, we have what might be our first official head-to-head battle. Considering I absolutely adore one of these films and was barely able to make it through the other, and our guest and the Four Brains co-host (Dan Pullen) loved the movie that I really, really didn’t enjoy.

“Motel Hell” (1980) and “Blood Diner” (1987) are movies about seemingly nice folks that kill people and sell their human flesh to unknowing customers.

You will have to listen to the show to hear how we felt about the films and what weird childhood incidents or teenage suitor rejections may have lead to our movie likes and dislikes.

Below are the customary movie wiki links, clips and trailers.


Here’s a link to the podcast page along with Nolan’s and DEAD RINGERS twitter.

Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers TWITTER

Cronenberg Nolan

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Kevin Connor

Cast (in credits order)

Rory Calhoun Rory Calhoun Vincent Smith
Paul Linke Paul Linke Bruce Smith
Nancy Parsons Nancy Parsons Ida Smith
Nina Axelrod Nina Axelrod Terry
Wolfman Jack Wolfman Jack Reverend Billy
Elaine Joyce Elaine Joyce Edith Olson
Dick Curtis Dick Curtis Guy Robaire / 1st T.V. Preacher
Monique St. Pierre Monique St. Pierre Debbie
Rosanne Katon Rosanne Katon Suzi
E. Hampton Beagle E. Hampton Beagle Bob Anderson
Everett Creach Everett Creach Bo Tulinski
Michael Melvin Michael Melvin Ivan
John Ratzenberger John Ratzenberger Drummer
Marc Silver Marc Silver Guitarist
Victoria Hartman Victoria Hartman Female Terrible
Gwil Richards Gwil Richards Mr. Owens
Toni Gilman Toni Gilman Mrs. Owens (as Toni Gillman)
Shaylin Hendrixson Shaylin Hendrixson Twin #1
Heather Hendrixson Heather Hendrixson Twin #2
Margot Hope Margot Hope Dixie
Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson Voice #1 (voice)
Kim Fowler Kim Fowler Voice #2 (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Max D. Adams Max D. Adams Big Gyna (uncredited)
Tony Agee Tony Agee Blue Cochster (uncredited)
Rob Farrier Rob Farrier Norm Wester (uncredited)
Kerith Ann Hersey Kerith Ann Hersey Penelope (uncredited)
Donna Lee Miller Donna Lee Miller Barbara (uncredited)


Image result for blood diner vhs


Jackie Kong


Michael Sonye (screenplay)

Cast (in credits order) complete

Rick Burks Rick Burks Michael Tutman
Carl Crew Carl Crew George Tutman
Roger Dauer Roger Dauer Mark Shepard
LaNette La France LaNette La France Sheba Jackson
Lisa Elaina Lisa Elaina Connie Stanton (as Lisa Guggenheim)
Max Morris Max Morris Chief Miller
Roxanne Osco Roxanne Osco Little Michael (as Roxanne Cybelle)
Sir Lamont Rodeheaver Sir Lamont Rodeheaver Little George (as Sir Rodenheaver)
Dino Lee Dino Lee King of White Trash
The Luv Johnsons The Luv Johnsons The White Trash Review
Drew Godderis Drew Godderis Anwar
Bob Loya Bob Loya Stan Saldin
Alan Corona Alan Corona Paul Stanton
Deseree Rose Deseree Rose Mrs. Stanton
Laurie Guzda Laurie Guzda Joanne
Tanya Papanicolas Tanya Papanicolas Sheetar & Bitsy
Karen Hazelwood Karen Hazelwood Babs
Effie Bilbrey Effie Bilbrey Peggy
Michael Barton Michael Barton Vitamin
Cynthia Baker Cynthia Baker Cindy
John Randall John Randall Buzz
Jane Cantillion Jane Cantillion Mrs. Namtut
John Barton Shields John Barton Shields Little Jimmy Hitler
Alisa Álvarez Alisa Álvarez Aerobics Girl
Deanne McCain Deanne McCain Aerobics Girl
Cynthia Cantrell Cynthia Cantrell Aerobics Girl
Eva Swidereka Eva Swidereka Aerobics Girl
Bonnie Bradigan Bonnie Bradigan Aerobics Girl
Cathy Cooper Cathy Cooper Aerobics Girl
Carol Katz Carol Katz Lumerian Expert
Joe B. Barton Joe B. Barton Hitchhiking Biker (as Joe Barton)
Robert Avacado Robert Avacado Night Watchman (as Bob Avacado)
Barbara Babbins Barbara Babbins Bag Lady
Aron Illa Aron Illa Biker
Gary Scherzer Gary Scherzer Biker
Sean Holton Sean Holton Biker
David Dressel David Dressel Biker
Anthony McFarland Anthony McFarland Band #1
Mark Smith Mark Smith Band #1
L'Ronald Smith L’Ronald Smith Band #1
Samuel Cambell Samuel Cambell Band #1
Sabrina Brooks Sabrina Brooks Background Singer
Nichol Paris Nichol Paris Background Singer
Brick Schmidt Brick Schmidt Bouncer
Eric Williams Eric Williams Jason
Erick Amidor Erick Amidor Police Officer
Aric Leavitt Aric Leavitt Police Officer (as Aric Levit)
Parnell Davison Parnell Davison Police Officer
Harold Hager Harold Hager Police Officer
Steve Donmyer Steve Donmyer M.C. (as Steve Donmeyer)
Dennis Logan Dennis Logan Reporter
Eric Snyder Eric Snyder Reporter
Reynaldo Anaya Reynaldo Anaya Police Photographer
Michael Lucie Michael Lucie Paramedic
Les Robin Les Robin Paramedic
Michael Boshears Michael Boshears Exploding Ears
Tony Smith Tony Smith Leather Boy
Jared Chandler Jared Chandler Leather Boy
Brad Biggart Brad Biggart Sheetar’s John
Art Weeks Art Weeks Zombie
Teresa Stone Teresa Stone Zombie
Jeff Poduvski Jeff Poduvski Zombie
Jeff Harris Jeff Harris Zombie
Terry Thompson Terry Thompson Zombie
Simon Alexander Simon Alexander Zombie
Debra Wolf Debra Wolf Zombie
Ted Guggenheim Ted Guggenheim Zombie
Jerry Mascot Jerry Mascot Zombie
Mang Doung Mang Doung Zombie
Sydney Kato Sydney Kato Zombie
Maritza Morales Maritza Morales Zombie
Steve Jenson Steve Jenson Cafe Regular
Herman Senac Herman Senac Cafe Regular
Joanne Taylor Joanne Taylor Cafe Regular
Peter Honig Peter Honig Cafe Regular
Don Barris Don Barris Cafe Regular
Rhett Bartlett Rhett Bartlett Cafe Regular
William Kempton William Kempton Cafe Regular
Beautiful Bobby Beautiful Bobby Cafe Regular
Tony DeFillipis Tony DeFillipis Cafe Regular
Patrick Kelly Mack Patrick Kelly Mack Cafe Regular
Sonya Baez Sonya Baez Cafe Regular
Candye Kane Candye Kane Cafe Regular