Paul Morrissey Horror Special: “Flesh for Frankenstein” (1973) and “Blood for Dracula” (1974) | pre-show clips and trailers

In this upcoming podcast, Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish will be joined once again by a favorite guest of ours Author/Cartoonist/Filmmaker Ricky Sprague. We will be exploring the depths of depravity that lie within the Morrissey/Warhol/Udo Keir classics from the 1970’s “Blood for Dracula” (1974) and “Flesh for Frankenstein”.

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We like to say that we like to talk about ‘fucked-up-films’ especially those that leave, or have left a lasting impression. Watching the film ‘Flesh for Frankenstein’ in 3D as a young impressionable 13 year old, I was basically doomed to have flashbacks of this film for the rest of my life (I actually watched it 2 times in a row). This is not a bad thing, and it sure beats having flashbacks to ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ (seen around the same time). But it gave me a helluva high bar to beat for its level of questionable activity, bloodletting, and murder and mayhem.

We will have lots to talk about, including Udo Keir’s brilliant over-the-top performances in both films, my childhood traumas and Dan Pullen’s seeming obsession with the famous ‘Gallbladder’ scene in ‘Flesh for Frankenstein.

Until then, here are lots of goodies for you to explore before the show, including clips, trailers and interviews… both of these films are a virtual treasure trove of macabre images, wonderfully campy bits of insanity, and especially in the case of ‘Blood for Dracula” beautifully shot scenes and a really great soundtrack.

As usual, the movie info below is culled from different movie wiki’s, I take no credit for any goodness. Also, from what I can tell, both films are licensed and not ‘public domain’ films. you can find some streams on Youtube and elsewhere, bt I am not sure about the legitimacy of those versions. There are also some Blu-ray editions, but I cannot say with certainty that they are worth the investment.



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“Flesh for Frankenstein” (1973)


written and directed by Paul Morrissey



Joe Dallesandro Nicholas Stableboy
Udo Kier Baron von Frankenstein
Monique van Vooren Baroness Katrin Frankenstein
Arno Juerging Otto The Baron’s assistant
Dalila Di Lazzaro Female monster
Srdjan Zelenovic Sacha/Male monster Nicholas’ friend
Marco Liofredi Erik The Baron’s son
Liù Bosisio Olga Maid
Nicoletta Elmi Monica The Baron’s daughter
Cristina Gaioni Farmer Nicholas’ girlfriend
Cristina Gaioni Sonia Prostitute



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“Blood for Dracula” (1974)


written and directed by Paul Morrissey


Udo Kier as Count Dracula
Joe Dallesandro as Mario Balato, the worker
Arno Juerging as Anton, Dracula’s manservant
Vittorio de Sica as Il Marchese di Fiore
Maxime McKendry as La Marchesa di Fiore
Milena Vukotic as Esmeralda
Dominique Darel as Saphiria
Stefania Casini as Rubinia
Silvia Dionisio as Perla
Roman Polański (uncredited) as man in tavern



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