“Mandy” A beautiful, fucked up, modern masterpiece of psychedelic horror… Podcast, Clips, Trailers and Music.

One of my favorite films of the year, and definitely the film that gave me my best movie going experience of the year is Panos Cosmatos’ 2018 film “Mandy”. Dan Pullen and I liked it so much we decided to dedicate a podcast to it…. and for the occasion we invited our friend and host of the show “Film Baby Film” Jon Laubinger along for the ride.

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Directed by

Panos Cosmatos

Writing Credits

Panos Cosmatos (written by) &
Aaron Stewart-Ahn (written by)
Panos Cosmatos (story by)
Chris ‘Casper’ Kelly (Cheddar Goblin ad)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Red Miller
Andrea Riseborough Andrea Riseborough Mandy Bloom
Linus Roache Linus Roache Jeremiah Sand
Ned Dennehy Ned Dennehy Brother Swan
Olwen Fouéré Olwen Fouéré Mother Marlene
Richard Brake Richard Brake The Chemist
Bill Duke Bill Duke Caruthers
Line Pillet Line Pillet Sister Lucy
Clément Baronnet Clément Baronnet Brother Klopek
Alexis Julemont Alexis Julemont Brother Hanker
Stephan Fraser Stephan Fraser Brother Lewis
Ivailo Dimitrov Ivailo Dimitrov Skratch
Hayley Saywell Hayley Saywell Sis
Kalin Kerin Kalin Kerin Scabs
Tamás Hagyuó Tamás Hagyuó Fuck Pig
Madd'yz Dog Lollyta Madd’yz Dog Lollyta Dog the Dog
Corfu Corfu Lizzie the Tiger
Paul Painter Paul Painter Announcer / Cheddar Goblin (voice)

Music by

Jóhann Jóhannsson

Cinematography by

Benjamin Loeb director of photography







Mandy Soundtrack Excerpt