Episode 18|19 a discussion on ‘Hereditary’, Fulci’s ‘The House by The Cemetery’ & ‘The Beyond’ with special Guest, Jon Laubinger of ‘Film Baby Film’



Tonight’s show is another installment of our 80’s Horror Movie Double Feature Series “Don’t You Forget About Me”

We talk about two essential Lucio Fulci films from 1981 ‘The Beyond’ and ‘House by The Cemetery’ with our special guest Jon Laubinger. We also talk about the new film “Hereditary” from Ari Aster and spend a lot of time talking about how annoying Bob from “The House by The Cemetery” is and why and how we think he should die.

We had lots of fun with Jon on the show, its a good podcast, you should listen to it.

Here is Jon’s twitter and podcast link, his show is a true film-lovers podcast that explores a wide range of topics… be sure to check out his latest show with a friend of our show, filmmaker and writer Martin Kessler.

Jon Laubinger on twitter

Film Baby Film




Image result for poster hereditary

Cast (in credits order)

Alex Wolff Alex Wolff Peter
Gabriel Byrne Gabriel Byrne Steve
Toni Collette Toni Collette Annie
Milly Shapiro Milly Shapiro Charlie
Christy Summerhays Christy Summerhays Charlie’s Teacher
Morgan Lund Morgan Lund Mr. Davis
Mallory Bechtel Mallory Bechtel Bridget
Jake Brown Jake Brown Brendan
Harrison Nell Harrison Nell Student #1
BriAnn Rachele BriAnn Rachele Student #2 (as Briann Rachele)
Heidi Méndez Heidi Méndez Spanish Speaking Woman
Moises L. Tovar Moises L. Tovar Translator (as Moises Tovar)
Jarrod Phillips Jarrod Phillips Group Leader
Ann Dowd Ann Dowd Joan
Brock McKinney Brock McKinney Aaron
Zachary Arthur Zachary Arthur Boy in Room
David Stanley David Stanley Man at Wake
Bus Riley Bus Riley History Teacher
Austin R. Grant Austin R. Grant Stoner #2 (as Austin Grant)
Gabriel Monroe Eckert Gabriel Monroe Eckert Stoner #3 (as Gabe Eckert)

Music by

Colin Stetson

Cinematography by

Pawel Pogorzelski

Fulci’s 1981 film ‘The Beyond’

Image result for fulci's the beyond poster

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Catriona MacColl Catriona MacColl Liza Merril (as Katherine MacColl)
David Warbeck David Warbeck Dr. John McCabe
Cinzia Monreale Cinzia Monreale Emily (as Sarah Keller)
Antoine Saint-John Antoine Saint-John Schweick
Veronica Lazar Veronica Lazar Martha
Larry Ray Larry Ray Larry (as Anthony Flees)
Giovanni De Nava Giovanni De Nava Joe the Plumber (credit only)
Al Cliver Al Cliver Dr. Harris
Michele Mirabella Michele Mirabella Martin Avery
Gianpaolo Saccarola Gianpaolo Saccarola Arthur (as Giampaolo Saccarola)
Maria Pia Marsala Maria Pia Marsala Jill
Laura De Marchi Laura De Marchi Mary-Ann
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Calogero Azzaretto Calogero Azzaretto Zombie at Hospital (uncredited)
Cicely Browne Cicely Browne Martha (voice) (uncredited)
Roberto Dell'Acqua Roberto Dell’Acqua Glass-Smashing Zombie (uncredited)
Lucio Fulci Lucio Fulci Town Clerk (uncredited)
Gilberto Galimberti Gilberto Galimberti Zombie (uncredited)
Tonino Pulci Tonino Pulci Joe the Plumber (uncredited)
Dardano Sacchetti Dardano Sacchetti Mob Member (uncredited)
Amedeo Salamon Amedeo Salamon Zombie at hospital (uncredited)
Sergio Salvati Sergio Salvati Mob Member (uncredited)

Music by

Fabio Frizzi
Walter E. Sear (U.S. version)

Cinematography by

Sergio Salvati



Lucio Fulci’s 1981 film  ‘The House by The Cemetery’

Image result for fulcis the house by the cemetery poster

Cast (in credits order)

Catriona MacColl Catriona MacColl Lucy Boyle (as Katherine MacColl)
Paolo Malco Paolo Malco Dr. Norman Boyle
Ania Pieroni Ania Pieroni Ann, the Babysitter
Giovanni Frezza Giovanni Frezza Bob Boyle
Silvia Collatina Silvia Collatina Mae Freudstein
Dagmar Lassander Dagmar Lassander Laura Gittleson
Giovanni De Nava Giovanni De Nava Dr. Freudstein
Daniela Doria Daniela Doria First Female Victim
Gianpaolo Saccarola Gianpaolo Saccarola Daniel Douglas
Carlo De Mejo Carlo De Mejo Mr. Wheatley
Kenneth A. Olsen Kenneth A. Olsen Harold (as John Olson)
Elmer Johnsson Elmer Johnsson Cemetery Caretaker
Ranieri Ferrara Ranieri Ferrara Victim
Teresa Rossi Passante Teresa Rossi Passante Mary Freudstein

Music by

Walter Rizzati

Cinematography by

Sergio Salvati director of photography

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