DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME is a podcast series that was developed as an excuse to rewatch some of the best that the 80’s has to offer in the way of Genre films…


Jun 28, 2018

Tonight’s show is another installment of our 80’s Horror Movie Double Feature Series “Don’t You Forget About Me”

We talk about two essential Lucio Fulci films from 1981 ‘The Beyond’ and ‘House by The Cemetery’ with our special guest Jon Laubinger. We also talk about the new film “Hereditary” from Ari Aster and spend a lot of time talking about how annoying Bob from “The House by The Cemetery” is and why and how we think he should die.

We had lots of fun with Jon on the show, its a good podcast, you should listen to it.

Here is Jon’s twitter and podcast link, his show is a true film-lovers podcast that explores a wide range of topics… be sure to check out his latest show with a friend of our show, filmmaker and writer Martin Kessler.

Jon Laubinger on twitter

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Jun 17, 2018

Tonight we discuss two more 80’s Horror films for our ongoing 80’s Horror Series “Don’t you forget about me”.

During the decade of Slashers, these two films stand out as unique amongst the pack. They are also a little less know than the usual horror suspects. Both films that we think shouldn’t be forgotten, thus there inclusion in our ‘Dont You Forget About Me’ series.

The films we will be discussing are:

From 1981 “The Incubus”, staring John Cassavetes and Directed by John Hough known for films such as ‘The Legend of Hell House’ ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’ and who cant forget ‘Biggles: Adventures in Time’ (?)

next up is ‘One Dark Night’ The 1982 PG film starring the wonderful 80’s staple Meg Tilly. ‘One Dark Night’ is a surprisingly well shot and engaging ‘haunted house’ Horror film from director Tom McLoughlin who went on to direct an installment of Friday The 13th a few years later, then went on to do television work all the way through 2010. He has over 40 directing credits as well as a handful of acting credits.

trailers, clips, cast and movie info:

Here is a wee bit of info on this week’s guest:

Special Guest is Andrew Hawkins from the ‘Freaky Fandoms’ podcast. Andrew is part of the Freaky Fandoms team, along Dani Ryan.

They have a great podcast where they cover some of the wackier films that don’t always get attention on other podcasts.

Here is their website, you should check it out, and immediately start listening to their show.

you can find them on Twitter:

Andrew Hawkins

Jun 4, 2018

This episode, as part of our 80’s Horror Movie Double Feature series ‘Don’t You Forget About Me”, we tackle two Classic Cronenberg films: ‘The Dead Zone’ from 1983 and from 1988 ‘Dead Ringers’
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May 14, 2018

Tonight’s show is the first in a series we are calling ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’.  The series focuses on 1980’s Horror movies that have either been forgotten, marginalized, or at a minimum have been left lingering in cult status.

Each episode will focus on two films, staying true to the 80’s ‘double feature’ that, sadly, has been thrown on the heep of awesome, forgotten movie experiences, which include the video store… rip, and the drive-in theater… god rest it’s soul.

Tonight’s episode we’ll be chatting with James Hancock, that mad movie genius behind one of my favorite online podcasts ‘Wrong Reel’ (james has other worthy endeavors that I have provided links to below)

The films we will be discussing are two of the ‘sexiest’ horror movies from the 80’s: Tony Scott’s ‘The Hunger’ from 1983 and Paul Schrader’s 1982 film ‘Cat People’

Image result for poster cat people 1982  Image result for the hunger 1983 poster


The Guest: James Hancock

James on Twitter


James on Youtube

James on the web

Wrong Reel Productions

James’ article on the top ten erotic horror films (discussed during the podcast)


James’ recent film he worked on with the brilliant animator Bill Plimpton ‘COP DOG’