Dinner with Lynch #3: Marcus Pinn and Bradley J Kornish talk Blue Velvet (pt.1)

A while back I recorded a podcast with the formidable force known as Marcus Pinn of ‘Pinnland Empire’. We subsequently recorded part #2 of the podcast but we were foiled by shitty technology and thus had a podcast recording with only my miserable voice on it. Anyhow, until we get back together and record #2, I thought I would at least get the original podcast out there for your enjoyment.

Marcus has since started his own podcast with his friend Scott Thorough called ‘Zebras in America’ its a great fucking podcast and has risen o the top of my listen of ‘must listens’. They talk about movies and other crazy stuff. I actually had both of them on my show recently, ill put that show below as well.  Here’s my show with Marcus, below there are links to his stuff (his website is incredible). I have also included some clips and a couple of tunes from soundtrack link for the movie we discussed ‘Blue Velvet’:


Zebras In America


here is the show we did on ‘Violent Cop’ recently:















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