A Shaw Brothers Freak Out Special: “Seeding of a Ghost” and “The Boxer’s Omen”

Tonight’s podcast was all about some of the most fucked up and confusing films we have ever discussed on the podcast… and we loved them!!! We are joined by Andrew Hawkins from the ultra-fantastic podcast FREAKY FANDOMS to talk about the 1983 Shaw Brothers films “Seeding of a Ghost” and “The Boxers Omen”. Andrew enlightens us a bit on the Shaw brothers history and I make a really great analogy about having bush sex with homeless people?? Join us as we explore these amazing films… with a special treat, a discussion about Chinese Hopping Vampires 🙂 The Show The Guest @mrandrewhawkins on Twitter
Andrews Podcast https://www.freakyfandomspodcast.com/
  The Films

‘Seeding of a Ghost’ (1983)


Kuen Yeung (as Chuan Yang)


Kamber Huang (story), Yee-Hung Lam (screenplay)


Chih-Hung Kuei (story), On Szeto (screenplay)
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNkDmDJ6udc[/embedyt]