Episode 18|17 80’s Horror Double Feature “The Incubus” (1981) and “One Dark Night” (1982)

Tonight we will be discussing two standout 80’s Horror films. During the decade of Slashers, these two films stand out as unique amongst the pack. They are also a little less know than the usual horror suspects. Both films that we think shouldn’t be forgotten, thus there inclusion in our ‘Dont You Forget About Me’ series.

The films we will be discussing are:

From 1981 “The Incubus”, staring John Cassavetes and Directed by John Hough known for films such as ‘The Legend of Hell House’ ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’ and who cant forget ‘Biggles: Adventures in Time’ (?)

next up is ‘One Dark Night’ The 1982 PG film starring the wonderful 80’s staple Meg Tilly. ‘One Dark Night’ is a surprisingly well shot and engaging ‘haunted house’ Horror film from director Tom McLoughlin who went on to direct an installment of Friday The 13th a few years later, then went on to do television work all the way through 2010. He has over 40 directing credits as well as a handful of acting credits.

Below are trailers, clips, cast and movie info…

but up first, is a wee bit of info on this week’s guest:

Special Guest is Andrew Hawkins from the ‘Freaky Fandoms’ podcast. Andrew is part of the Freaky Fandoms team, along Dani Ryan.

They have a great podcast where they cover some of the wackier films that don’t always get attention on other podcasts.

Here is their website, you should check it out, and immediately start listening to their show.

you can find them on Twitter:

Andrew Hawkins

Dani Ryan

on there website as well as all the usual podcast streaming platforms.


Image result for movie the incubus 1981



John Cassavetes as Sam Cordell
John Ireland as Hank Walden
Kerrie Keane as Laura Kincaid
Erin Noble as Jenny Cordell
Helen Hughes as Agatha Galen
Duncan McIntosh as Tim Galen
Harvey Atkin as Joe Prescott
Harry Ditson as Lieutenant Drivas
Mitch Martin as Mandy Pullman
Matt Birman as Roy Seeley
Beverly Cooper as Pru Keaton
Brian Young as Charlie Prescott
Barbara Franklin as Mrs. Pullman
Wes Lee as Mr. Pullman
Neil Dainard as Ernie Barnes
Jennifer Leak as Deena Ferrin
Denise Fergusson as Carolyn Davies
Jack Van Evera as Matt Davies
Helene Udy as Sally Harper
Lisa Bunting as Anita Barnes
Michelle Davros as Jane Barnes
Jefferson Mappin as Clem
James Bearden as Lacey
Alan Bridle as Interrogator
Jude Beny as Witch
Jeremy Hole a Torturer
Brian Montague as Swimmer
Dirk McLean as The Incubus




Related image




Meg Tilly as Julie Wells
Melissa Newman as Olivia McKenna
Robin Evans as Carol Mason
Leslie Speights as Kitty
Donald Hotton as Dockstader
E.G. Daily as Leslie Winslow
David Mason Daniels as Steve
Adam West as Allan McKenna
Rhio H. Blair as Coroner