Welcome to 26 MOVIES FROM HELL, a podcast dedicated to discussing, reviewing and shedding light on overlooked and underrated Cult, Horror, Experimental, 70’s Exploitation and just plain Strange movies.

We start at ‘A’ and end at ‘Z’ and start all over again.

The idea behind the series podcast is to get our guests and listeners involved with the selection process. Prior to each show, we will share Clips, Trailers and Movie info of the contenders,via Twitter at:


after which, we will put it to a vote and leave our film selection for the week in the hands of the gods…

Here are the results for our inaugural episode:

Our special guest for the show is one of our favorite guests and a certified expert in fucked up films, mr. Andrew Hawkins of the podcast “Freaky Fandoms”


Andrew Hawkins

Freaky Fandoms Podcast

Here are clips and info on all the entries… stay tuned for the full podcast and additional film info for the winner of our poll



I watched this front to back for the first time for this show and rather enjoyed it. I went into the film not knowing the final revel and was genuinely caught off guard (which means nothing since Scoobie-Do could probably fool me). I am looking forward to talking this one up on the show.

This Film was Released in: 1976

it’s a production of New Jersey and was directed by: Alfred Sole

Communion (1976)




I am a massive fan of this film. I saw it for the first time about a year ago and have watched it several times since. It has a few rough spots, but is probably at the top of my list for ‘Satanic’ themed films. It has a genuine Occult vibe and does so successfully by staying away from lame ‘satanic panic’ type themes and focusing more on the ‘forbidden’ aspects and ‘folklore’. I have yet to see a film like it and can easily see how this film has influenced other directors.

This film will be our first film in the series to get a ‘bonus episode’, stay tuned for that.

This Film was Released in: 1977

its a production of Mexico that was directed by: Juan López Moctezuma

Susana Kamini and Tina Romero in Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas (1977)

ANGUISH (1987)

I love this film. It is one of the best horror films I have seen that is set in a movie theater (at least partly). It’s kinda like ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’ but with snails and eyeball removal instead of all the nice stuff. If you haven’t seen this one, check it out, it really is a fun movie… a movie, which, by the way, could not be made today, considering the sensitivity around the setting.

This Film was Released in: 1987

its a Spanish production that was directed by: Bigas Luna


This is a pretty solid giallo featuring the great Edwige Fenech

and some fine work from Ivan Rassimov.

This Film was Released in: 1972

it’s an Italian and Spanish production that was directed by: Sergio Martino

Edwige Fenech and Marina Malfatti in Tutti i colori del buio (1972)

we hope you enjoy the show – BJK